Easy, affordable ways to apply Halloween makeup

Want to look like you just stepped out of “The Walking Dead”? You don’t need fancy makeup or special effects.

“The best thing to do is just open your kitchen closet, kitchen doors, and pull out whatever you want, and just go from there,” said makeup artist Tania Mahoni with Millwood Ohana Productions.

Mahoni and her daughter, Pare, show Taizo just how easy (and fun!) it is to create a look using simple household items, like oatmeal, gelatin, toilet paper, and corn syrup.

Start by mixing some foundation into a white cream base and apply all over the skin.

Want to create some scars? Mix a packet of gelatin with 1/3 cup water, and apply the mixture to your face.

Now add a few warts and oozing innards by applying a mixture of liquid latex and oatmeal.

Create scabs by brushing on liquid latex, then layering over sheets of toilet paper, pinching it to create a textured look.

Finish with fake blood — a mixture of corn syrup and food coloring. (Pro tip: Lightly flick it onto the face to create a fun, blood-spattered look.)

“You can’t really mess up because it’s scars,” said Pare Mahoni.

“The uglier, the better,” added Tania Mahoni.

If you want your look to stay all night long, finish with setting spray. (Note: This is an actual makeup product.)

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