HPD partners with social networking site to increase community awareness

The Honolulu Police Department has teamed up with a social networking website to build stronger, safer communities.

Nextdoor is a private website designed specifically for neighborhoods, and can be used as a platform to discuss issues such as crime, security, and housing.

We first told you about Nextdoor last week. If you register your name and address, you can communicate with other residents in your neighborhood. Only people who actually live in that area will be allowed to join the group.

HPD says its partnership with the site will allow the public to reach out and interact with the department like never before.

“It’s a lot easier than picking up the phone and, say, calling 911 to speak to a beat officer. Maybe it’s a lot easier than having to mail a letter to our police department. They get it live,” explained HPD officer Anthony Kalahui. “Our officers interact on a personal level. They’ll also have the opportunity to call that officer at one of our community policing team offices as well.”

HPD’s interactions on Nextdoor are limited. It won’t have the same freedom community members have when it comes to posting.

However, HPD Chief Louis Kealoha says it will allow the department “to send information to one specific community or to all communities island-wide.”

HPD says other law enforcement agencies have seen a positive impact via Nextdoor. You can sign up here.

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