State investigates hepatitis A related death

The state Department of Health is looking into a hepatitis A related death.

The department’s disease outbreak control division says Queen’s Medical Center reported the death earlier this week, but would not divulge any more information because of the ongoing hep-A outbreak investigation, as well as patient privacy.

Food safety attorney Bill Marler, who is representing the patient’s family as well as other hepatitis A victims, did say, however, that the person who died was in her 60s and ate at Genki Sushi, where the outbreak began.

“The woman was in and out of the hospital since she became ill in July,” he said. “There were times where she needed a liver transplant, but when it seemed she rallied from the illness, she got to go home for a little while, and then she was back in the hospital with complications.”

So far this week, there have been no new cases of hepatitis A according to the Department of Health. The total number of cases remains at 291.

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