Tips on how residents, high up or on the ground, can protect themselves from burglars

With the recent news of an elderly woman being burglarized dozens of stories up in her University Avenue apartment, how concerned should residents be about leaving your windows open?

A security expert KHON2 spoke with says people living in high-rise buildings shouldn’t let their guard down.

Police say there are several ways to protect your home from burglars whether you live in a high rise or a ground level home.

First and foremost, keep doors and windows locked at all times.

You can install motion-detection lighting along with contact sensors on doors and windows, these will alert anytime a door or window is opened.

Also, get to know your neighbors.

Experts say if you can afford it, install a security system as well.

“Whether it’s a burglar alarm or surveillance cameras, it’s always worth the investment and think of it as an investment because your home is your single most expensive investment that youre making and that’s worth protecting,” said Alvin Hashimoto, general manager of APN Alarm.

He adds, “people living in high rise buildings tend to have a false sense of security, that feeling that there’s no one there that can get access into the balcony.”

APN Alarm says response time is pretty fast when it comes to security systems. If there’s a break-in, someone from their monitoring center will call the residence within seconds and police are on the scene shortly after.

KHON2 was also told requests for home security systems usually increase near the end of the year due to the holiday season.

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