HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union: Be aware of the “trick or treat”

There are so many financial institutions and services available for consumers. They all offer products and services to consumers to help fill a need, but not all offers are the same. HawaiiUSA FCU want to keep you safe with some tips for you! Consumers should “read the fine print” of some of these special offers and be aware if it is a trick or treat.

Many financial institutions offer ATM fee waivers or reimbursements as an added value to their checking or savings accounts. This is a great service considering it was reported that Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo collected more than $6 billion in ATM fees in 2015. However, be sure you know the terms and conditions of the account. Many of these accounts have qualifications like an average monthly balance, a minimum amount of transactions, or a combination of things. You also want to be aware of any maximum reimbursement amounts and any type of fee that is excluded, like foreign ATM transactions service charges. Bottom line, it is okay to enjoy the benefits of the accounts, just be mindful all aspects of it.

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