Hawaiian Telcom: “Anything as a Service” with Aloha

Many of us have seen the acronym XaaS but aren’t quite sure what it means. It means “Anything as a Service” and it’s one of the hottest business trends today. Hawaiian Telcom is all about customer service, so they know about this growing business trend that refers to services that are delivered over the Internet through cloud computing. Many people are familiar with Desktop as a Service or DaaS. With Desktop as a Service, the software and applications that used to be installed on your computer can now be stored virtually in the cloud so instead of taking your laptop home with you every night, you can access all of your work, your programs and documents from your computer at home, or even your tablet or smartphone. You can do this because everything is stored in the cloud, not on your computer. This enables the ability to work from anywhere.

The business market is moving in this direction for more than software and applications. Today you can get Software as a Service, Data Center as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service and much more. The “As a Service” concept is expanding rapidly so today, many services that were previously provided “on premise” or on your device are being accessed via the secure cloud.

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