Irrigation system upgrade begins at Ala Moana Regional Park

The city has entered a new phase in its improvements at Ala Moana Regional Park.

A large-scale irrigation project began Tuesday to upgrade the current aging system with technologically efficient advances.

The upgrade began in the Great Lawn area, just makai of Piikoi Street, where the system was last improved in 1971.

From there, work will proceed in the Diamond-Head direction and then work back toward the Ewa-end of the park.

Only the immediate section surrounding the work site will be closed to the public and the rest of the park will remain open.

“In all of our community meetings, park users asked for greener grass and healthier fields,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “Parts of this irrigation system haven’t been upgraded in nearly half a century. This project will significantly upgrade the park’s lawns and the new technology will significantly reduce water use, saving the city money and protecting our precious resource.”

Improvements include a smarter, more effective system that can water large areas of the 119-acre park. It will offer real-time remote controls and connect irrigation for the entire park, which is currently split into a patchwork of different systems.

The new system will also measure and consider conditions, such as evaporation rates, rainfall, topography, and soil type, to determine the most practical way to irrigate the park.

The entire $2 million project is expected to be completed next summer.

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