State crews remove ‘love locks’ from Waimea Canyon lookout fences

Photo courtesy DLNR

A new trend is popping up on Kauai and officials aren’t happy about it.

So-called “love locks” are being left on the safety fences at the Waimea Canyon lookout on Kauai. A couple of weeks ago, state crews removed 94 of them. Some of the locks were also removed from the Na Pali Coast State Park.

A practice popular in places like Paris, couples often leave them behind as a symbol of their love.

Photo courtesy DLNR
Photo courtesy DLNR

Sue Kanoho, executive director of the Kauai Visitors Bureau, says, however, they’re really a nuisance. “We want to nip this in the bud,” she said. “We want to make people understand that this might be a nice fad somewhere else, but not for Hawaii. We want to leave it pristine and be respectful of the aina.”

The state says the locks promote rusting and will weaken the safety fencing.

On top of that, the state tell us that the “love locks” are illegal because they deface public property. Violators could face fines between $100-$500.

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