Ask HPD: How fast can you legally drive on the Freeway?

Detective Parker Bode with the Honolulu Police Department will answer some of your questions from our viewers on today’s Ask HPD:

Question 1: How fast can you legally drive over the posted speed limit on the freeway?

Answer: Drivers can be cited for going over the posted speed limit. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 mph over or 30 mph over the speed limit. Fines will vary depending on how fast the driver was going.

Excessive speeding which is 30 mph above the posted speed limit or more carries enhanced penalties.

Honolulu police want everyone to be safe while traveling on our roadways. They ask that drivers follow the speed limit and be aware of other drivers and pedestrians.

Question 2: What are the responsibilities of those who enforce handicap parking and their limitations?

Answer: Volunteer Special Enforcement Officers or VSEOS are trained volunteers who supplement the work of our officers. They issue citations for illegal parking, including disabled parking violations.

They also issue citation for expired safety checks, expired registrations, and abandoned vehicles.

Anyone who’s interested in volunteering should contact HPD’s traffic division at (808)723-3413 of via their website at this link.

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