Hawaii Strong: Moanalua’s Alakai Yuen proves worthy of name

Na Menehune quarterback Alakai Yuen has been one of the state’s top passers for two seasons.

He’s got 2,200 yards and 25 passing touchdowns as a senior with 4,900 yards and 52 scores in his career.

Credit much of Yuen’s success to an incredible work ethic.

He belongs to a resilient family of four that had their heart put to the test this past spring, when their youngest child, Kona, was diagnosed with a tumor.

“That was a rough one,” Yuen said. “He’s the youngest, makes everyone smile in our family.”

“When your child goes through something, you experience panic moments and no matter how secure you are or how strong you are, whatever your background may be, when the thing nearest to your heart is going through a lot of struggle and uncertainty, as a parent, you can get shaken a little bit,” said Yuen’s father, Christopher Yuen.

While Kona was undergoing testing and treatment for his tumor, Alakai Yuen took over responsibilities around the house to help relieve some of the stress his father was under.

To keep his family Hawaii Strong, Alakai had to live up to his name by becoming a leader, just like his dad.

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