Arbor Day celebrated on Oahu with tree giveaway

A total of 3,000 native plants, fruit trees, spice plants, and shrubs will be given away at the annual Arbor Day tree giveaway sponsored by Hawaiian Electric Company.

The event promotes the benefits of trees, educates the public on the company’s clean energy goals, encourages safety around power lines and provides fruit-picking and tree-trimming safety tips.

The date was established in 1905 by Territorial Governor Jimmy Carter who recommended all public schools commemorate the day by planting trees and shrubs on school grounds. In 1993, Hawaiian Electric and its community partners started an arbor day initiative. This Saturday, they’ll continue the tradition at six different locations across Oahu.

Here’s a list of Arbor Day giveaway locations this Saturday. Organizers suggest to line up early.

Hawaiian Electric Kahe Power Plant – 7 a.m.
92-200 Farrington Highway

Pearl City:
U.H. Urban Garden Center – 7 a.m.
955 Kamehameha Highway

McKinley High/Community School for Adults – 7 a.m.
634 Pensacola Street

Hawaiian Electric Ko’olau Base Yard – 7 a.m.
1387 Ulupii Street

Wahiawā Botanical Garden – 9 a.m.
1396 California Avenue

Waimea Valley – 9 a.m.
59-864 Kamehameha Highway

Click here for more information.

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