Governor says he had no role in decision to replace superintendent

Gov. David Ige says he had no role in the Board of Education’s decision to find another superintendent.

However, the governor said Kathryn Matayoshi’s replacement needs to be in line with his education vision.

Earlier this year, the governor announced a team to develop a blueprint for the state’s public schools that is consistent with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. Matayoshi was not on that team.

“The Every Student Succeeds Act has really given the state an opportunity to revisit a lot of the policies and program of No Child Left Behind,” Ige said. “It’s really about being smart about what is most important. I do believe that it is about empowering schools, about focusing and about focusing in the classrooms. That’s where the greatest improvement in student achievement will occur.”

Matayoshi has been the schools superintendent for six years. Her contract ends in June.

In her annual performance evaluation released on Sept. 6, which was also reviewed by the board, it said her overall rating for the 2015-2016 school year exceeds expectations.

Matayoshi says she wasn’t planning to retire, but now she could, or she may accept opportunities coming her way.

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