Vote systems tested ahead of absentee-ballot counting

The Hawaii State Office of Elections on Saturday made sure all its equipment was working properly ahead of vote-counting, which began on the same day.

State officials tested the absentee mail-in ballot counters and the data network at each counting center.

Official observers from various political parties and community groups were on hand as extra sets of eyes and ears to ensure vote integrity.

This comes amid nationwide concern about hacking, but state officials say our system in Hawaii is secure.

“You know, aside from the things we do, our system is basically secure, aside from the sealing which every jurisdiction in the United States does, there’s things in our law where we have voter challenges, you have a contest period after the elections, so it’s a secure election,” said Chief Elections Officer Scott Nago.

Nago says after the test the office started to actually count the absentee mail-in ballots.

That’s due to a large number of mail-in ballots, plus with 20 charter amendment questions for Honolulu voters.. the extra ballot page doubles the counting volume.

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