Surf large, but choppy along North Shore; warning in effect through Tuesday

Big North Shore swells typically lead to big crowds.

But despite 20- to 40-foot waves Monday, traffic was flowing and parking was available at many beach parks.

Ocean safety officials say windy, rainy weather played a big factor.

“Everybody is expecting sunny skies, but due to the bad winds and the rain, we are not seeing the turnout like we anticipated,” said lifeguard Kerry Atwood. “We don’t have the best conditions for surfing.”

Still, lifeguards took all the necessary precautions. They put up warning signs and caution tape early Monday morning, and combed the shoreline and waves throughout the day.

“You’ve always got to be prepared for the worst, but I try not to think about it too much,” said surfer Tiger Doerner.

Ocean safety officials say two men, a surfer and a paddler, were rescued at Haleiwa Beach Park Monday afternoon. They were visitors who did not require medical attention, officials said.

A high surf warning is in effect for north- and west-facing shores until 6 p.m. Tuesday, and the public is urged to stay out of the water.

The swell is expected to die down, but another big north swell is expected Thursday with better surfing conditions.

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