Travel agency owner arrested on 25 counts of theft

The owner of a Waipahu travel agency accused of stealing money from her customers was arrested Monday.

Elma Pacleb turned herself in at the Pearl City police station at around 10 a.m. and was booked on 25 counts of theft before being released pending further investigation.

We first told you about this back in June after our Action Line received complaints from customers who said they lost thousands of dollars.

They told us they paid Diplomat Travel and Tours in cash, only to find out their trips and plane tickets were never booked.

Michael Green, Pacleb’s attorney told us she’s still working on getting the money, and that she never intended to rip people off.

“The plan from the very beginning was to try to raise money through some real estate that she had to pay all these people back,” said Green. “As of this morning, we’re being told there may be funds available very shortly to pay these people back. … I’m hoping, I want to say 30 days, but it depends on if this thing goes through and it closes escrow. I’m hoping within 30 days.”

Green previously told us Pacleb was trying to raise over $100,000 to pay back her customers.

He said she has since closed her business.

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