Leilehua’s Watson thankful for family bonds on and off the field

It’s fitting that the nickname for Leilehua cornerback Charles Watson is “Moku.”

An island on the outside, Moku can lock up wide outs one-on-one with some of the best in state history, becoming one of few local cornerbacks to earn Division I scholarships out of high school.

“I love my coaches, I love my brothers. We really build a strong brotherhood,” he said. “Everybody over here, they call each other up for anything we need, help each other out with homework. Just off the field things, and then when we come on the field, it’s just way more stronger bonds, competing against each other and just loving each othe rman. I really feel like I have a family out here.”

A home away from home is exactly what Moku needed.

Substance abuse issues prevented his mother from properly caring for him, so he was sent to live with his grandmother in the Bay area. When her home became too crowded, Moku’s aunt and uncle volunteered to take him in.

Moku moved back to his birthplace of Oahu to find a Hawaii Strong support system from California to California Avenue.

“They took me in, loved me when I had problems with love and all that stuff. They just put a roof over my head, and it’s just been a blessing really. I’m just blessed every day I get to wake up to them. They just work hard for me and do everything for me and I’m just happy,” he said.

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