Back 2: Black Friday in the ’90s

It wasn’t too long ago that no retail stores or malls were open on Thanksgiving.

Back then, it was all about the Black Friday midnight madness.

We went back in our archives to remember what Black Friday was like in the ’90s.

There was a big crowd at Walmart in Kunia at midnight. You didn’t have the option to order online and pick your purchase up later.

Liberty House was still at at Ala Moana Center. Remember KB Toys?

But deep down, decades later, the hype and hate for one of the biggest shopping days of the year hasn’t changed.

“We’ve only been to Liberty House so we’ve got to walk the rest of the mall,” said one shopper. When asked how much longer she plans to shop, she replied with a laugh, “Maybe another five, six hours, maybe till 9 o’clock.”

“She’s in Liberty House spending all my money, but I came along to make sure she doesn’t go over the credit limit,” said an (unwilling) shopper. “I was supposed to be at the golf course, but I had to cancel my tee time.”

Another thing that hasn’t changed is parking. It’s still a pain trying to find a spot.

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