Experts advise safest, cleanest way to protect your home

Last night KHON2 reported a millipede issue that has been seen all across the islands for the past few weeks.

Experts say recent wet weather could be to blame for the recent increase in millipede’s coming out of their usual underground hiding places.

KHON2 had multiple viewers contact us through our Report It feature telling us they’re seeing more millipedes than they have in years.

Just recently millipedes have been coming out of hiding all around the state, we heard from one Salt Lake family who described a street that was riddled with millipedes that met an untimely demise. So we checked it out.

Around twilight and there were a few around the sidewalk, about an hour and a half later there were literally hundreds maybe even thousands of millipedes.

Aside from the millipedes crawling on the sidewalk and across the road, the street is stained with tens of thousands of red stains.

Salt lake resident Mary Kantake say she’s never seen anything quite like it. “This is the first time that I’ve seen it. It’s amazing thousands of them.”

Gary Chagami with City Mill says there are products which can help keep the bugs out, but which are still safe enough for your family and pets. “You can use assorted insecticides. Some come in granular form some come in liquid form. The liquid form you can mix it with water and you can spray where you see them. Most of the liquid formula should be allowed to dry before you let children and pets back in the area.”

A pest company KHON2 checked with says to avoid overwatering your lawn. They also suggest to rake often, and don’t leave mulch laying around if you want to help keep the millipedes away. Check the packaging for child and pet warnings on any pesticides.

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