Santa Claus listens to children’s wishes at Ala Moana Center

We’re barely over our Halloween sugar-rush and Santa Claus has come to town and he is taking requests.

Santa took his seat of honor at Ala Moana Center on Saturday. He’s at the new Ewa wing mall level two. He is not at center court as in years past.

He’s going to have a long list to fill after 42-days leading up to Christmas eve night.

“But my Christmas gifts come with one simple warning. You must stay in your beds until Christmas morning. Don’t try to catch Santa whatever you do. Or he might not leave any presents for you,” said Santa.

You can reserve your time with Santa on-line for the price of a photo package at $35. It goes up $5 on Dec. 9. Or you can go without a reservation, though you may have to stand in line.

Pet-friendly picture-taking with Santa will be Monday nights from 6 p.m. to closing starting this coming Monday through Dec.12.

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