Kihei woman sustains injuries in suspected shark attack

The shark warning and beach closure advisory for South Maui has been lifted after several parks were closed following a suspected shark attack on a Kihei woman Monday.

Kamaole Beach Parks I, II, and III, and Cove Park and Kalama Park were reopened at 12 noon Tuesday.

Lifeguards at Kamaole Beach Park I treated a 58-year-old Kihei woman for injuries sustained in a suspected shark bite incident.

The woman was reportedly floating on the surface and hanging onto a foam floatation device about 30 yards from shore when she was bitten on her right calf and right thigh by something.

The female victim saw what looked like a large shark and then swam to shore under her own power. She was assisted out of the water by bystanders directly in front of the lifeguard tower.

Lifeguards rushed to her aid and treated her for injuries consistent with that of a shark bite. Paramedics eventually transported the victim to Maui Memorial Medical Center in serious condition. (She is reportedly now in stable condition.)

Lifeguards immediately got swimmers out of the water and warned beachgoers to stay out of the water for one mile on both sides of Kamaole I.

Shark warning signs were posted along the coastline from Kalama Park to the Kihei Boat Ramp.

For 10 safety tips to reduce the risk of shark injury, click here.

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