Immigration attorney addresses reality of Trump’s deportation pledge

As President-Elect Donald Trump continues to build his team, questions surround his campaign promises and policies.

Trump has said he plans to deport millions of unauthorized immigrants with criminal histories.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, there are about 21,000 unauthorized immigrants in Hawaii. Nearly half are from the Philippines.

Attorneys tell us those with criminal backgrounds are already tracked, but they can always fight deportation.

“They all have the opportunity to go before an immigration judge if they are targeted for deportation,” said immigration attorney Clare Hanusz. “If they are detained, they have the right generally to ask for a bond and some of them have an argument to make under the law why they should be allowed to stay. Some of them don’t, but they all have the right to go through the procedure.”

Attorneys tell us its important to understand that deportation doesn’t happen right away.

Trump’s plan will take many years and billions of dollars to implement.

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