Inspections begin on Christmas tree shipments at Honolulu Harbor

Christmas trees are arriving at Honolulu Harbor.

Some containers were found to be infested with slugs, so the trees had to undergo treatment.

So far, the Department of Agriculture has received more than 55 containers of trees, and inspectors found slugs in about nine of them.

“The vast majority of the slugs that are coming in right now, they’re not found in Hawaii or they have a very limited distribution somewhere within the state and we don’t want it spreading to the neighbor islands or even on Oahu,” said entomologist Christopher Kishimoto.

Inspectors are also checking for yellow jackets, which are commonly found in Christmas tree shipments.

“One is only found on Maui, another one is on the Big Island, but it doesn’t mean we want it to go on all the other islands,” Kishimoto said.

A big shipment of trees is expected this weekend.

We checked with several stores, and some Walmart stores are already selling trees.

Don Quijote says it will start selling Christmas trees the weekend after Black Friday, and City Mill says it will start selling trees by Thanksgiving.

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