Maui police report attempted child abduction near elementary school

The Maui Police Department issued an announcement that an attempted child abduction was reported on Monday.

Police says that on November 14, 2016 at about 3:15 p.m., two students were waiting to be picked up curbside in front of Pomaikai Elementary School in Kahului.

An unidentified male drove up to them in a gold-colored SUV and approached the students. The driver claimed the students’ father was hurt and that he would take them to him. The students did not recognize the male and told him they do not talk to strangers and did not get into the vehicle. The male then drove off and the students’ parents arrived shortly after.

The male was described as having dark-colored hair, a moustache and dark skin complexion.

Police said that the students were unsupervised at the time as the incident occurred outside of the designated times school staff are curbside after school.

MPD provided some safety tips for after-school pick-ups:

  • Pick up your children in a timely manner in a designated area where there are others around.
  • Find out what times school staff are outside waiting with students and what time the school closes.
  • If your child is not enrolled in an after-school program, and you are late in picking them up, please instruct them to go to the office.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to provide supervision for their children after school.
  • Continue to tell your children not to speak with strangers, much less get into their vehicles.
  • If your child is approached by a stranger at school, have them find a familiar/responsible adult or go to the office and report it immediately.
  • Ask your child to remember as many descriptive details about the person and/or vehicle.

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