Screenwriters in Hawaii for special ‘Moana’ screening

Aaron and Jordan Kandell

Hawaii moviegoers were treated Wednesday night to a special screening of Disney’s newest animated movie “Moana.”

It took place at Consolidated Theatres Ward 16.

There to introduce the movie were identical twin brothers, Aaron and Jordan Kandell. The Iolani graduates served as two of the movie’s five screenwriters.

“We were brought in to sort of help steer the canoe, steer the story towards closer to the version that it is now, find an emotional core for Moana to make sure the culture was celebrated,” said Jordan Kandell. “It’s not one specific culture, but there’s elements of Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Maori culture, Tonga, it’s Pan-Pacific.”

“For us, the goal was trying to navigate a story that is inspired by the culture and the place we come from while also entertaining for people at large,” said Aaron Kandell.

“Moana” opens in theaters nationwide on Nov. 23.

As for the Kandell brothers, their next project will be a movie about the 1932 Massie trial in Hawaii.

Click here for a look back at the story via KHON2’s archives.

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