Getting ‘artsy’ at paint party held in Odori-ko restaurant

It was perfect weather to stay indoors Saturday and have, what else?, a paint party.

While Odori-ko restaurant on Kapiolani Boulevard was closed between lunch and dinner in the afternoon, it was open for its first monthly Loading Zone paint party event.

Loading Zone Arts had a brick-and-mortar location in Chinatown but closed in May 2014, but it has been mobile for two years now.

It’s working out for both partners.

“So we love to inspire people to get creative, focus on art, do something different,” said Ariana Masuoka, Loading Zone’s executive assistant. “This is a great thing to do with coworkers as a holiday party, or something to do on a date night with your other half, or even have a girls’ or even a guys’ night.

“We try to stay involved with the art community. We do events at Art + Flea and Honolulu Night Market. We just try to get out there and stay connected with the people,” she said.

Hirota Kei of Odori-ko said “We offer our venue and we hope that, after a good time of painting and learning some stuff about art and creativity, you can stick around for our happy hour and have some food and drinks.”

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