Waikiki Yokocho to bring Japanese ‘side street’ dining concept to tourism hotspot

It’s like a Japanese “Eat the Street,” but the streets are underground in Waikiki.

KHON2 got a sneak peek on Sunday for the new eatery concept to soon open.

In Japan, yokocho are alleys or side streets where you can grab bites to eat.

The Waikiki Yokocho will be in the basement level of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. It is scheduled to open Dec. 1 at 11 a.m.

Finishing touches were put on the new eatery location Sunday.

The Waikiki Yokocho will feature 16 Japanese stand-alone, dine-in eateries on three so-called streets: Ramen Road, Noren Street with savory food like tempura, curry, sushi restaurants, and Engawa Terrace, which will feature desserts.

“The only shop you can find in Hawaii is Marion Crepes. Other than that, these are all first-timers,” said CEO Frank Clark, referring to the restaurants to be featured in the Yokocho. “In addition to that, some of these restaurants are about 125 years old.”

Among the restaurants opening, a Hokkaido ramen shop, food from Kyoto, Osaka, and an organic musubi shop.

Click here for more information on Waikiki Yokocho.


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