Security cameras installed at Ala Moana Regional Park comfort stations

The city wants to make sure you’re safe when visiting Ala Moana Regional Park. One step being taken is installing security cameras at comfort stations at the park.

The city believes that the cameras are another step in increasing security and safety at Oahu’s most heavily used park.

The cameras being turned on today will provide surveillance at two comfort stations.

In January, one of the women’s restrooms at the park was severely damaged by a vandal or vandals. This came shortly after the bathrooms had been renovated.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell and Department of Parks and Recreation Director Michele Nekota will hold a press conference later this morning. KHON2 will following up to find out who will be monitoring the feeds and if the video collected will just be used in prosecution of a crime.

The mayor’s office said in a press release that increasing the security at Ala Moana Regional Park is one of the main points of the mayor’s 9-Point Community Action Plan for immediate improvements to the park. Other security improvements made to the park include installing brighter, more efficient LED lights and adding new barriers to comfort stations.

More information on the renovations planned for Ala Moana Regional Park can be found at a website set up by the city at:

Mayor Caldwell’s 9-Point Community Action Plan

  • Renovate the existing comfort stations
    The community requested that we renovate, not replace the existing comfort station. The comfort stations will be renovated by December.
  • Fix the rocky areas of the beach
    Exposed coral will be relocated and sand redistributed from the ends of the beach to the center, restoring the historic shoreline along the beach.
  • Irrigate the great lawn
    The irrigation system will be repaired make the large open area in the center of the park green.
  • Repair the exercise path
    Repair of the Magic Island exercise track will begin by the end of this summer, including resurfacing and installation of distance markers.
  • Increase park staff
    The City is developing a staffing plan to ensure that the park has sufficient staff to properly maintain all 119 acres.
  • Beautify the park
    The natural beauty of the park will be enhanced through the installation of street trees along Ala Moana Boulevard by next summer.
  • Build a playground
    Ala Moana Regional Park is one of the few Honolulu parks of its size without a playground and the community has called for one.
  • Make the park safer
    The top public concerns for the park are safety and homelessness.
    Existing lighting around comfort stations and concession buildings will be upgraded to improve safety and visibility during the evening.
    Due to budget constraints, the City is unable to provide continuous patrols of the park; we are seeking to partner with community institutions to help provide funding for additional security personnel.
  • Add local vendors as a park amenity
    Residents don’t want the park commercialized, but they do want great options for food and other vendors.
    Honolulu’s own L&L Barbeque opened in the park on July 1.

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