US Marshals, Kauai police arrest fugitives wanted for violent crimes

Photo courtesy U.S. Dept. of Justice

On Monday, Nov. 14, members of the U.S. Marshals Task Force and the Kauai Police Department conducted a four-day operation on Kauai targeting fugitives with outstanding state felony arrest warrants.

The focus of the operation targeted fugitives wanted for crimes of violence that include homicide, assault, robbery, firearms and explosives, sex offenses, narcotics, and gang and organized crime affiliations.

The four-day operation resulted in the arrest of 39 fugitives, the execution of 64 outstanding state arrest warrants, and generated a total bail amount of approximately $698,425 for all warrants executed.

In addition to the arrests, officers recovered and seized multiple firearms, various amounts of narcotics, and cash suspected of being associated with criminal activity. The firearms seized were in the possession of a previously convicted felon who is prohibited by law from owning or possessing firearms.

All seized items were turned over to Kauai police for further investigation and prosecution of new charges.

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