What Mariah Carey looks forward to performing in Hawaii

On Wednesday, November 23, 2016, Mariah Carey will be performing in Hawaii. The first time in 18 years.

Mariah’s “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour comes on the heels of her sold-out Las Vegas residency and the launch of her new docuseries “Mariah’s World” on E!

Before her three performances at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, Mariah did an email interview with Living808 on what performing in Hawaii means to her and her family.

  • Living808: Welcome back to Hawaii. What’s your favorite part about being here in the islands?
    Mariah: Thank you so much for welcoming me back here! I love Hawaii. The water is so gorgeous and I love seeing the dolphins.
  • Living808: How do you feel about the huge fanbase you have here?
    Mariah: It’s so amazing! My lambs are incredible. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.
  • Living808: What one thing is a must do for you on Oahu while you’re here?
    Mariah: I want to enjoy the beautiful weather and I’m excited to spend my first Thanksgiving in Hawaii!
  • Living808: So glad your keiki, Monroe and Moroccan, can join you. What will you do with them when you get family time?
    Mariah: We’re looking forward to enjoying their first luau together and I hear the train ride through the sugar canes is fun!
  • Living808: You have so many hits. For your fans, what range of songs will you share on stage here in Honolulu?
    Mariah: I don’t want to give it away but I’ll definitely be treating the fans to some of their favorites!
  • Living808: We’re expecting the most decadent wardrobe display. What can you share on the influence for your costume design on the “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour?
    Mariah: Lots of sparkly moments dahlings!
  • Living808: Three shows is a lot of pressure on you as a performer. What are your rituals to take care of yourself between performances?
    Mariah: I like to rest on show days so I can give my lambs everything!
  • Living808: It has been written that you and Jussie Smollett have become good friends. Can we look forward to him joining you on stage?
    Mariah: Absolutely! Jussie is fantastic!
  • Living808: We’ve seen some fun promotion for your docuseries, “Mariah’s World,” can you tell us a little about what to expect?
    Mariah: So many amazing unfiltered moments! You’ll need to tune in to see it all!
  • Living808: After all your success, what do you use as inspiration to continue making such great music and touring for your fans?
    Mariah: My biggest inspirations are my children, my family, my lambs!

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