Long line for pie at Chinatown bakery

On Thursday, shoppers will crowd the malls for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales.

But Wednesday night in Chinatown, it was all about pie.

We found dozens in line at Lee’s Bakery and Kitchen, waiting to get their hands on the bakery’s famous pies.

It’s a Thanksgiving eve tradition. Customers can wait an hour or more in the rain just to get a fresh pie out of the oven.

“I found out about this place because we moved into Chinatown a couple years back, and my wife said, ‘Honey, I’m going to get a pie for Thanksgiving,’ and when she came back, she told me how long the line was and I just about died,” said Chinatown resident Sam Curtis. “You’ve heard that local expression, ‘broke da mouth,’ and it really does it. It is amazing. Everything here is onolicious.”

The bakery serves up a variety of flavors: custard, pumpkin, custard-pumpkin, peach and pear, apple, apricot, and blueberry.

Prices range from $13.50-$16.


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