Back 2: ’90s pog craze

Nowadays, when it comes to toys, it’s all about expensive tech like iPads and Xboxes.

But it wasn’t too long ago when things were different. We go ‘back 2′ a time when the hottest toy around didn’t cost you more than a quarter.

Stack em, slam ’em, collect the ones that flipped. If you were kid in Hawaii the early ’90s, you knew all about pogs.

To some, it was a game. To others, it was a marketing device and even a teaching tool.

It started as a milk bottle cap, then exploded to an all-out craze that kids and even adults couldn’t get enough of.

We found fans who had collected hundreds of pogs “because it’s good fun.”

There were pog tournaments, pog lei, POG pogs. There were specialty pogs, pogs with finger grips, and pogs that glowed in the dark.

KHON2 even had its own series.

The simple stackers might not even be considered a toy by today’s standards, but they were all you needed to have fun some 25 years ago.

You couldn’t get a better deal with the typical pog costing anywhere from 10 or 15 cents to about a dollar.

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