Tips for stress-free Black Friday shopping

The rush and excitement of catching those Black Friday deals can be exhilarating, but the early hours, pushy crowds, and long lines can also be overwhelming, especially for our kupuna.

There are ways seniors can avoid the chaos without missing the deals.

Now that the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie are digesting, it’s time to put on your shopping gear and head to the malls. One of the biggest groups in the mix will be seniors.

“That group represents 83 percent of household income and they shop for everybody, so whether you’re talking about being at the mall or online, you’ll find that most of the shoppers will be those 50 or over,” said Barbara Kim Stanton, AARP Hawaii director.

One way seniors can avoid the stress of holiday shopping is to go with a group. Carpooling with friends can save you gas, time, and your sanity.

“It’s really a good idea to shop in a group and to kind of look out for each other and to say one person is going to the restroom now, I’ll sit here with all the bags,” said Stanton.

Also, plan ahead. Sales and signs can be overstimulating. Planning and even making a list for them can help even the most seasoned shopper to stay on track.

“Give them a tip because if you’re getting electronic things. It’s very confusing and you have to know exactly which one you want,” said Stanton. “Make it an easy, narrow the universe and say here’s what we want for Christmas.”

Consider shopping online. Statistics show that seniors are more likely to choose online shopping than any other age group. Seniors also spend more per online transaction.

“In one year, there was an increase in $500 billion, so you can see that if the seniors were an economic unit, like a country, they would be third largest in the world. The buying power is with the seniors,” said Stanton.

Black Friday is often chaotic and hectic, but don’t let that get in the way of what can be a fun and fulfilling day of adrenaline-pumping madness.

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