Black Friday: Who needs sleep? It’s shop ’til you drop

The tradition for many shoppers the day after Thanksgiving is to wake up early, get to the shopping malls and get their hands on Black Friday deals.

But it seems many more of those shoppers opted to forgo sleep altogether.

Inside the Toys R Us at the Pearlridge Center, some of the hot items of the holiday season are Lego Star Wars sets, Hot Wheels and plenty of Disney Moana items.

Some of the store’s employees told us that around midnight, that’s when they started to notice traffic slowing down outside.

The rush was already on when doors opened at 5 p.m. Thanksgiving. But at 5 a.m. Friday, the store was not busy at all, and that’s when we met 9-year-old Sophia Cruz.

When asked if she thought Lego toys would make a good gift, she observed that “yeah, but it’s kind of last season, if I could say.”

And why wake up early when you can shop after eating? At Ala Moana Center, people waited on Thanksgiving for the doors to open at Macy’s. Plus there was a big scene outside of the Disney store.

But it seems the theme for most everyone was no sleep and shopping at night into the morning.

At Pearlridge, some people called it quits early in the morning, seen dozing off in comfy chairs.

The shopping mall doesn’t keep track of the number of people shopping, but for the second year in a row, it opened on Thanksgiving Thursday. General manager Fred Pane said “it seems like it opened pretty mellow around 6 last night, and the crowds seem to build and build, and by 9 o’clock, it was really crowded.”

Friday was also Santa Claus’ debut at the mall, and he told us he’s excited, and so were the little ones who anxiously waited to meet him.

“I look forward to the bright smiles, the innocent eyes, and the beginning of the Christmas season,” Saint Nick said.

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