Sandy Beach Park comfort station to undergo major renovation

The city announced Friday that a major renovation project to rebuild and repair one of two bathroom facilities at Sandy Beach Park will begin on Monday.

The comfort station located near the northeast section of the park will undergo partial demolition as work crews renovate exterior portions of the structure, including walls, columns, plumbing fixtures and roof.

The exterior of the building has experienced significant deterioration over the years due primarily to its proximity to the ocean and exposure to salt water. This has resulted in rebar reinforcements becoming exposed and compromised in some areas.

The project will require the 24-hour closure of the facility for the duration of the renovations with completion estimated by April 2017. During this time, three portable bathroom facilities will be provided to the public.

The renovation work is contracted to Molina Engineering, Ltd at a cost of $465,190.

Crews will work weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will require several public parking stalls for their equipment.

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