Closing arguments continue in Steven Capobianco murder trial

Closing arguments began Tuesday in the murder trial of Steven Capobianco on Maui.

He is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, Carly “Charli” Scott, who was 5 months pregnant when she went missing in February 2014.

The prosecution maintains that Capobianco killed Scott because he was upset about the pregnancy, and that he kept slipping up while trying to cover up her murder.

Prosecutor Robert Rivera said “two days after she’s reported missing, he’s interviewed at the police station, and detective Wendell Loo asks the defendant about Charli’s pregnancy, what he thought about it. And the defendant’s response is ‘I would have been all for it,’ and not a second later, the defendant catches himself and tells the detective ‘oh, I am all for it.’

“The defendant had to attack and destroy the one thing that Charli loved the most, and that was her baby,” Rivera said.

On Wednesday, Capobianco’s defense gave closing statements.

They argued that Capobianco was never given a chance to prove his innocence or guilt, and that the prosecution never proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he did it.

“You must not find defendant guilty upon mere suspicion or evidence that he is probably guilty. What the law requires before defendant can be found guilty is not suspicion, not probability, but proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” said defense attorney Jon Apo.

Next, the prosecution will get a chance at a rebuttal and then the jury will deliberate.

If convicted, Capobianco could face a life sentence.

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