Daredevil teen continues to climb NY high rises, flouts law

(WPIX/CNN) — A teenager in New Jersey is taking an adrenaline rush to new heights … literally. He’s made it a habit of climbing New York high rises, often without any safety equipment.

And 19-year-old Justin Casquejo is refusing to stop, even though he’s gotten trouble with the law before for his stunts.

One of his latest videos shows the teen breaking into a Central Park high rise under construction, climbing to the roof with a friend and then dangling from the crane hoisted high above with just one arm.

Casquejo was arrested in 2014 for breaking into a fence at One World Trade and then climbing to the top of the building. He received 30 days of community service and was ordered to undergo counseling, as well as write a 1,200-word essay about that stunt.

But neighbors who know the teen say there is simply no stopping him. “I said to him ‘it’s dangerous for you to do this without proper gear.’ He said ‘if I don’t do it this way, I don’t feel good,'” said one man.

Another neighbor said Casquejo “wants to go to Dubai to do it, because in Dubai is a big, big building.”

After climbing the World Trade Center, he was arrested just two weeks after for climbing the Weehawken Water Tower. Since then, he has got nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram and climbed dozens of structures, including the George Washington Bridge.

Police are investigating Casquejo’s latest stunts and he could be charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment.

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