Water outage at Kakaako Waterfront Park to last days, impacts nearby homeless shelter

A few weeks ago, the Kakaako Waterfront Park was without lights, now it’s without water.

The outage is also affecting a nearby family assistance center that houses homeless people who are trying to make their way into permanent housing.

The park and the facility, which opened in late September, will not have running water until at least Friday.

“So part of one of our back-flow preventers in the park broke and as a result there’s no water pressure in the park,” explained Garett Kamemoto with the Hawaii Community Development Authority.

Forty-seven people call the family assistance center at the park their home, so KHON2 wanted to know what is the state-run facility, which is run by Catholic Charities Hawaii, is doing to help its 15 families?

The center says it has already brought in water jugs for the residents, and has made arrangements for people to use the facilities at the Next Step shelter, such as showers and sinks.

The bathrooms and showers at Kakaako Waterfront Park will also be out of commission.

So when will it be fixed? HCDA says it depends when the part needed to remedy the problem arrives.

“The part, we couldn’t find the part on the island so we’re going to have to go and get it shipped in from the mainland but we’re trying to do that as expeditiously as possible and we’re hoping to get the part in by the end of the week,” said Kamemoto.

Portable toilets are also being brought in.

We will check back to see how much the broken backflow preventer is costing the state to fix, and we’ll also keep checking in to let you know when the water at the park will be turned back on.

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