City ambulance absent in this weekend’s Honolulu City Lights parade

Earlier this month, KHON2 reported about the number of ambulances currently in the shop, and what the city is doing to remedy the problem.

KHON2 checked back Wednesday and the number has grown. Emergency Medical Services is borrowing a Honolulu Fire Department ambulance to use as a back up.

EMS says all 20 units have an assigned and fully operational ambulance in service.

There are more ambulances in the shop than on the road. There are 25 ambulances are currently awaiting repairs by the city Department of Facility Maintenance. That’s eight more than on Nov. 8. But according to the department help is on the way.

An EMS spokesman says, “The city’s Automotive Equipment Service under the Department of Facility Maintenance has hired a mechanic with HESD funds to work exclusively on ambulances that require repair. We expect this will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get an ambulance back into service.”

The HFD unit on loan to EMS is strictly a backup at this point. The 13-year-old rig will be stocked and ready soon if it is needed. The small number of backup ambulances is also having another consequence. To make sure all available ambulances are on standby to be deployed for public safety reasons, there will be no ambulance in this year’s city lights parade, although the department’s staff will still march as usual.

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