Elections commission discusses all-mail-in voting system

Following up on a proposal to have an all-mail-in voting system.

It’s a story Always Investigating first brought you.

The Office of Elections plans to introduce a bill next legislative session to transition elections to mail-in in phases by county.

During its regular meeting Friday, the Hawaii Elections Commission discussed the proposal.

While some concerns, such as voter fraud, came up, for the most part, many were in favor of the proposal.

The Office of Elections says an all-mail-in voting system would save the state a lot of money.

“What we propose was that it be implemented in phases by county, so once it’s completely implemented, we were estimating at least $800,000 savings,” said chief election officer Scott Nago.

If approved, all-mail-in voting would start on Kauai, then roll to the other counties — with Oahu last — over three election periods.

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