Brace for traffic, parking crunch when Pearl Harbor, swap meet visitors converge

Get ready for serious traffic on Wednesday.

Two big events will be taking place in the same area with a guest count that could reach the tens of thousands.

We’re talking about the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the swap meet, a popular weekly event at the stadium.

“It’s going to be a normal day for us. It was easier for us to continue our operations and be able to work with Pearl Harbor and our event,” explained Samantha Spain with Aloha Stadium. “Usually on wWednesdays we see later crowds because it’s a work day. We anticipate about a 9, 10 o’clock start for most guests to arrive here.”

With road closures expected to impact the area, how will this work?

Parking for both the Pearl Harbor commemoration ceremony and the weekly swap meet will be available at the stadium.

An organizer at the swap meet says it could get tight, but plans are in place to make it work.

KHON2 spoke with an organizer for the Pearl Harbor ceremony, who says 4,000 guests were invited to attend and 2,000 more are expected at the visitors center. But on a daily basis, Pearl Harbor sees 6,000 visitors, so organizers are expecting the number of guests to soar.

KHON2 will air the ceremony live on-air and online here.

Click here for more information on the Pearl Harbor 75th Commemoration.

Swap meet organizers say it will business as usual on Wednesday with the event open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. About 4,000 shoppers are expected.

In addition to parking, the city will close down all town-bound lanes of Kamehameha Highway from Honomanu Street to Salt Lake Boulevard, and divert traffic onto Moanalua Freeway.

“All of our partners, city, state, federal side, come together to work on this and make this as seamless as possible,” said John Cummings, city Department of Emergency Management. “We’ve got to rely on residents to be aware and if you aren’t planning on attending, avoid the area.”

“I think it will be the worst traffic,” said Foster Lake resident Luz Kim. “At least there is no president coming.”

“This is a special occasion that’s supposed to be celebrated like once a year,” said Salt Lake resident Amor Ramelb. “People should understand.”

Aloha Stadium opens at 4 a.m. Wednesday for visitors who want to go to the Pearl Harbor ceremony. Shuttle service to Kilo Pier and the Arizona Memorial begins at 4:30 a.m., and parking will be at gates 3 and 4.

Swap meet shoppers should enter through Gate 1.

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