Letter from Santa scheme resurfaces during holidays

If you get an email or phone call from someone telling you that you could get a personalized letter from Santa, beware.

It sounds like a great idea for the kids, but many are actually fake.

The con surfaced a few years ago, but the Better Business Bureau Hawaii wants people to be on the lookout again.

Keep in mind, there are legitimate businesses offering messages or packages from Santa. So how can you tell which is which?

“If someone is pressuring you to do something, or telling you you have to respond right away, take advantage of this offer, it normally should be something you are really cautious about,” said Greg Dunn, CEO, Better Business Bureau Hawaii.

Be on the lookout for grammar mistakes. Does the email look phony? Hover over any links to see where it sends you.

The Better Business Bureau Hawaii says in the worst-case scenario, the scammer gets your credit card information you used online and can make duplicate cards and charges.

Or they could just take the $20 they charge for the letter, and never send you the letter.

So far there have been no victims in Hawaii, but “unfortunately, the scammers never stop,” Dunn said.

If you have a consumer concern or are interested in becoming an Action Line volunteer, give us a call at 591-0222 weekdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. or send an email to actionline@khon2.com.

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