Warning for post office customers after mail drop box stolen

In a bizarre development, we’ve learned an entire mail drop box was stolen in Kapolei.

It happened outside of the post office on Kamokila Boulevard in Kapolei last month sometime between Nov. 26 and 28.

If you used the box after the last collection on Nov. 26, you’re asked to contact the post office. You can report the loss locally by calling (808) 837-2970, Mondays through Fridays, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Meanwhile, a federal investigation is underway.

Orange cones now mark the spot where the blue mail drop box used to be outside of the Kapolei post office. Bolts that held the mailbox in place are all that were left behind.

The U.S. Postal Service posted a sign on the door to notify people of the mailbox theft, but many KHON2 spoke with didn’t even know what happened.

“I stopped by a couple of days ago. I came by a little earlier than I thought it was open, went to put my mail in the box which I know is usually nearby, and couldn’t find it. Now I know why,” said John Kanauss.

“I mean, who comes to steal a mailbox? That’s kind of a silly thing to steal,” said Nicholas Azevedo. “A lot of people might be missing out on expensive gifts and gift cards or things like that, or maybe they sent important items like car titles or something and now you’re losing big money.”

According to USPS, this isn’t the first time a mail drop box has been stolen. In fact, officials say there have been several of these thefts across Oahu this year.

Police encourage customers to take mail directly inside the post office if possible, a practice some customers tell KHON2 they’ll consider doing more often.

“Something like that happens once you never know how many more times it could happen,” said Azevedo.

“Karma hopefully plays a part and what goes around comes around,” said Kanauss.

If you have any information about the theft, you’re asked to call police and report it to the inspection office at the number listed above.

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