Alleged serial bank robber will remain in custody until trial

Wallace Silva, Jr.
Wallace Silva, Jr.

A man accused of going on a string of bank robberies on Oahu will remain in custody until his trial.

That was the ruling from a federal judge for Wallace Silva Jr. on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Silva was arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 27, on Ala Moana Boulevard from a taxi cab after police say he had just robbed a bank in Chinatown.

According to federal court documents, Silva handed a teller a demand note and made off with $3,000.

The documents go on to say that another teller told police they noticed Silva’s demeanor as “frantic and shaky,” and as he left, he walked with a waddle.

Tuan Nguyen, assistant special agent-in-charge, says that “in fact, one of the employees at the bank had noticed he was committing the crime, followed him outside and was able to obtain the license of the taxi cab he got into, and provided that info to the 911 dispatcher. With that info, HPD was able to locate the taxi cab and arrest Mr. Silva.”

Silva has been tied to at least three other robberies between Dec. 2-27, and police believe he could be connected to as many as 10 bank robberies.

As far as Nguyen knows, Silva did not use a weapon in any of the robberies.

“He was on a supervised release from the probation office,” Nguyen said, “meaning he was supposed to check in with his probation officer. I’m not sure if he’s been checking in.

“He’s one of those individuals who has a long history, so we’re very glad we were able to apprehend him and hopefully through the court process, we may keep him from robbing banks at least in the near future.”

Silva’s trial date has not been set.

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