Kamaaina Kids: Keep your Keiki busy this New Year!

Don’t know what to do with your kids to help them celebrate New Year’s. Kama’aina Kids is here to share with you some great activities that they are doing at their day camp program that you can do at home with them.

Noise Makers:

Supplies: Aluminum Plate or thick paper plate, popcorn kernels, dry beans, uncooked rice, or coins, large wooden craft stick, ribbon, jingle bells, stickers, duct tape

Directions: Fold pie plate in half, fill the pie plate with anything that rattles. Tape the edges of the pie plate together. Tape the craft stick to the middle of the pie plate edge. Tape it well. Cute your ribbon in 6 pieces and tie a knot at the edge of each piece. Tape the ribbon around the edge of the pie plate, placing the tape below the knot in the ribbon so that the ribbon can’t be pulled off easily. Tie a jingly bell to the dangling end of each ribbon. Decorate the noise maker with as many stickers as your child’s heart desires.

Cupcake Liner Fireworks:

Supplies: Cupcake Liners (Kids can choose to use any colorful selection of liners), Scissors, glue, black paper, markers.

Directions: Have the kids flatten their cupcake liners and make cuts (fringes) on the ribbed part of the liner. Have them stop cutting when they reach the inside circle of the liner.

If they want, you can have them decorate white liners with markers.

Glue the cupcake liners to the black paper. Once dry, they are able to hang for all to see.

Links for Year in Review:



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