Hawaii’s Kitchen with E.A.R.L. Kaimuki

E.A.R.L has been selling hand-crafted gourmet sandwiches out of their Kaimuki restaurant since 2014! Today, Owner Justin Parvizimotlagh shows us how to make their delicious Marinara Sub and breakfast sandwich using pork belly.



Recipe:          Pork Belly (2-3 lbs)

chicken stock (about 6 cups)

Whitewine (1 cup)

Tomato Paste (4 TBL)

SPICE BLEND (salt, pepper, paprika, ground fennel seed) (1 TBL ea)


Pork belly Marinera Sub


PORK BELLY (3-4 pieces)

Tomato Jam ( 2 TBL)

Marinera Sauce ( 2 TBL)

Spinach ( However much you like)

Horseradish Mayo ( 1 TBL)

SWISS and HAVARTI (1 Piece each)


Breakfast sandwich Recipe:


Tomato Jam ( 1 TBL)

PORK BELLY           (2-3 Pieces)

AVO (1/2)

EGG, FRIED (1 each)

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