Plea agreement leads to $150,000 contribution for crime victims

Victims of crime are getting help from an unlikely source.

The state attorney general’s office announced Thursday that $150,000 will go to the Crime Victim Compensation Special Fund.

The money comes from Logistics Management Services, which agreed to make that contribution in lieu of a fine after pleading no contest to criminal tax violations.

“It is the largest single contribution, and without this type of money, many victims will not be able to afford medical expenses. We’ve had some people who couldn’t afford to bury a loved one,” said Pamela Ferguson-Brey, executive director of the Crime Victim Compensation Commission.

The complaint against LMS, filed on Dec. 12, alleges that the company failed to make returns or supply information for the years 2013 and 2014.

“It’s hard to put an entire company in jail or on probation, so I think in this case, you get them where it’s really going to count,” said state attorney general Doug Chin.

Chin points out that the Crime Victim Compensation Special Fund relies on payment from convicted criminals, and in most cases, criminals are not able to pay the amount that they have been ordered to pay back.

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