Volunteering offers great benefits for seniors

Retirement can afford people the chance to be a part of something that’s important simply for the passion of it rather than a paycheck. That’s why volunteering can be rewarding for seniors.

Our kupuna have a unique set of skills and knowledge to offer as volunteers. Their lifetime of experiences are immeasurable.

Joni has been volunteering at KHON2’s Action Line for several years.

“It’s just making a difference in somebody else’s life, and especially if you’re just home, for some of the people, you know, if they don’t have any family, to go out into the community to some place like Action Line, it’s rewarding,” she said. “It’s a really short little time in your day. You can actually still have lunch with your friends still do whatever you want. It kind of gives you purpose.”

Like other volunteers, she too feels good about what she’s doing for her community.

“It’s not just rewarding when you get somebody on the phone and you solve their problem and they’re so happy,” she said. “They’re happy, but you’re happy 10 times more, because you did something for them.”

Volunteering isn’t just beneficial for those being helped. Research shows it has mental and physical health benefits and can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

“A lot of our volunteers are retirees,” said Action Line director Bud Johnstone. “They’ve retired and they’ve decided oh, there’s something I want to give back to the community or more that I can do to learn new things to be able to go out and make a difference in the community.”

It also builds relationships and supports the image that seniors are active, involved and a vital part of our community. They’re making a difference one phone call at a time.

“We’ve saved consumers over $375,000, which is a benefit to the community,” Johnstone said. “Action Line is always looking for volunteers and if you have an interest you can always contact us.”

Click here for more information on Action Line and how to volunteer.

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