Annual moped inspection and registration now required statewide

The city Department of Customer Services reminds moped owners that a new state law requires the annual safety inspection and registration of mopeds beginning January 1. Registered owners of mopeds will need to safety inspect and register mopeds initially this year and annually thereafter.

Moped owners will receive a registration notice 45 days prior to the registration deadline. The deadline to inspect and register the moped will be the month in which it was originally licensed. The moped must still be inspected and registered if the notice is not received.

Mopeds will need to be safety inspected before a registration can be completed. The initial safety inspection will indicate the lack of registration and a failed safety inspection certificate will be issued. Safety inspection deficiencies must be corrected and the moped re-inspected.

The safety inspection fee is $13.24 plus tax. Click here for a list of moped inspection stations statewide.

The moped owner must bring the failed inspection certificate to a satellite city hall to register the moped and pay the $32.50 fee ($27.00 for registration, $5.00 for plate, $.50 for emblem). A license plate and registration emblem will be issued. The registration is valid for one year and the subsequent annual registration fee will be $27.50. The license plate must be affixed to the rear of the moped.

The moped owner must return to the safety inspection station with the new registration to obtain a safety inspection certificate and decal.

Moped inspection and registration renewal is required each year. An annual registration reminder will be mailed to registered owners approximately 45 days before the expiration date.

For more information, go to

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