Utah couple gets 19K applications for traveling nanny job

Video still courtesy five take flight/YouTube

(KSTU/CNN) — A Utah couple is offering a nanny’s dream job: Get paid to travel the world with them.

The only catch is you’ll have to help watch their three young children.

They advertised on social media and got a massive response of 19,000 applications.

Derek and M’Kenzie Tillotson will be living out their dream when they’ll be traveling the world for a year starting this summer.

But as they started to play, reality sunk in — the couple is outnumbered by their children.

So they posted a video on YouTube on Jan. 3, letting the world know that they’re looking for a nanny.

With a pool of 19,000 candidates to choose from, the Tillotsons have their work cut out for them. Derek said “I thought there would be the Mary Poppins candidate, and she’d fall out of the sky and she’d be so perfect for our family, but were finding that everybody is such a great candidate.”

With some help from an Excel program that narrows down resumes, they hope to pick someone by early February.

In addition to a monthly paycheck of between $1,200-$1,500, the nanny will also get an all-expense paid trip around the world….THE

The Tillotsons plan to sell their house this spring and head out in July. “From New York City, we would go to Iceland, and from Iceland into Scandinavia, and then tour the rest of Europe with our family, and see places like Turkey and Croatia.”

Then they’ll come back to Utah for Christmas and head west. “January of next year,” Derek said, “we’ll be in Hawaii and then we’ll travel into Asia and the Pacific.”

And the Tillotsons say sharing this dream on social media has been rewarding in unexpected ways.

“I’ve gotten a lot of messages that have said you’ve inspired me to remember what my dreams are and that I can make them happen,” said M’Kenzie.

You can follow the Tillotson family’s adventures by finding “Five Take Flight” on Facebook and Instagram.

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