Some parents upset with delay in elementary school lunch service

There wasn’t enough food for students during lunch at Ewa Elementary School Thursday.

We heard students had to wait for more food to be delivered from a nearby campus, so we checked with the Department of Education to find out what happened.

The DOE told KHON2 all students were fed, but some did have to wait. We’re told on that day, there was something different with the lunch delivery.

For the second time this school year, the cafeteria at Ewa Elementary School ran short on food to serve students for lunch Thursday.

We learned that nearby Ewa Makai Middle School cafeteria prepares more than 1,600 school lunches daily, for their campus and for Ewa Elementary.

We’re told normally the meals are sent to the school in one delivery, but in a statement, the DOE said “lunch was delivered in two batches from Ewa Makai Middle to Ewa Elementary during yesterday’s lunch service. There was a 10-minute delay in the distribution of the second batch to students.”

Officials say every student was offered a meal.

The DOE said head counts for lunches are taken each morning during attendance checks, but that number can fluctuate.

Despite it being a 10-minute delay between food deliveries, some parents feel more should be done so it doesn’t happen again.

“I would think they would just make extra, even though they’re going on attendance and based on attendance, I would think they would have extra just in case,” said Ewa Elementary parent Rachan Tamayo.

We also wanted to know if staffing was an issue for the lunch preparations.

The DOE said 14 cafeteria employees from Campbell High School are working out of Ewa Makai to help with the extra lunches, because Campbell’s kitchen is being renovated.

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